My baby never slept well (especially through the night) until I started using the website >><< - that website has been by far one of the best things I've ever got my hands on to get him to fall asleep quickly. Best time is 45 seconds from awake to asleep! Can’t imagine life without it! I heard about it through a kindergarten teacher who uses it to put to sleep a group of 30 children. Check it out! >><< - sorry, you can't post links here so you'll have to turn it into a normal link :) Best of luck to you and your family!
Overall, this is a really good travel system. The car seat is probably the better investment so if you wanted to make a custom combo, you could purchase a Chicco KeyFit stroller frame (does not work as a stroller alone). The seat is also compatible with several other stroller brands such as Baby Jogger, BOB, Britax, Bugaboo and more. You may need a car seat adapter in order to use some of those, however.
The fabric isn’t very soft and smooth as with other strollers, so it might not be comfortable or breathable for long trips. The covered compartment in the parent tray might be too small for some phones such as the iPhone 6Plus and up. Also, there have been quality control issues with some parts breaking or getting stuck on the stroller after less than a year’s use.
“It was very easy to use. The base was easy to install and remove which is important when you’re using them in multiple cars. The infant carrier easily snapped into and released from the base and the stroller. We still use the stroller every day. My favorite things about the stroller are how easily it folds up and the storage compartment underneath.” - Lindsay R.

But money is still an important factor for most families. If you buy your car seat along with a stroller in a travel system, it can save you some money. For instance, a Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 car seat is about $300 alone. The Peg Perego Booklet stroller is about $350. Buying them together in the Peg Perego Booklet Travel System is about $600, so you’re saving at least $50. That might not seem like much, but every dollar saved can really help when you need to buy essentials like diapers, baby food, etc.
The Italian-made Peg Perego Booklet Travel System is a high-end car seat stroller combo. It is a simplistic yet classy design that features everything parents need to keep their child comfortable and safe while on the go. It features the Primo Viaggio 4/35 infant car seat, which scored 9.5 on our list and holds babies from 4 - 35 pounds. The stroller holds babies and children up to 50 pounds. Stroller unfolded dimensions are 38.5” L x 21.5” W x 40.8” H. Car seat dimensions with base are 28.5” L x 17.25” W x 26.5” H.
The braking system felt a little awkward to some parents, especially when wearing sandals. You press it down with your foot to engage, but have to lift it up to disengage. One parent felt the wheels were a bit too small for uneven terrain. The carrier fabric lacks some breathability, so your baby could get sweaty in hot weather. Chubby babies or those who are on the high side of the growth chart may feel too cramped in this seat.
My wife gave birth three weeks ago to our first child. We bought this to as our first stroller and found that it was a deal, especially when considering it included the stroller, car seat and car seat base. We purchased the 2015 Chili Red version for precisely $279.99. I'm not sure why the price has risen since then -- it's selling for around $320 now. Strange. We've since been gifted a few other strollers as a supplement to this one.

Write a list of features which your car seat stroller combo must have and try and adhere to this list when buying. If you would prefer a system which has a front facing car set, then only consider brands which have this feature. Decide whether you want a three wheeled stroller with bicycle tyres which is all-terrain or whether you would be happier with a conventional four wheeler. By using a specialised website, you can ensure that you are going to be completely satisfied with your purchase as you can tick things off your check list while you shop.

This fun-looking travel system is super affordable and has great prints and patterns that parents seem to love. The well-padded seat on the stroller has multiple recline settings plus a removable large head support pillow that can also be used in the car seat. Parents like the padding and say the car seat straps are easy to buckle. They love the many compartments in the stroller, especially the bottom basket and the covered parent tray.
The pull-to-fold strap makes folding and picking up a lot simpler, even though it’s not a super light stroller. Parents appreciated the ForeverAir tires that don’t need inflating, which is great if you’re on vacation and have no access to a tire pump. It’s narrower than some double strollers when unfolded (29”), so a bit easier to turn and maneuver through tighter spots.
CR’s take: Our testers found that you get the best (and easiest) fit between car seats and strollers when you stick to a single brand, and this duo from Chicco is a prime example. But Chicco doesn’t sell the Activ3 stroller with the KeyFit car seat as a travel system. Building this bundle yourself means you can have all the advantages of the jogging stroller, which handles nimbly and, once you’re removed the KeyFit car seat, collapses flat using one hand.
It’s one of the most important pieces of equipment that you’ll buy for your baby. A properly installed one will protect her during a car accident. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all infants ride in a rear-facing car seat until they’re at least 2 years old or until they reach the highest weight or height that the manufacturer allows. There are three types of rear-facing seats:

The Chicco KeyFit is the highest-scoring infant car seat in our ratings, and has been for years. It's easy to use and install with a seat belt or LATCH mechanism, plus it earns the highest score possible in our crash-protection test. Its lone drawback is that it maxes out with a 22-pound child and, considering most babies triple their weight by the time they turn 1, you’ll need to upgrade to a new car seat sooner than you may have planned. Of course you can continue to use the Activ3 stroller after you move your child to a convertible car seat, but you'll need to unstrap her to move her between the two.
The Expedition Jogger comes with a swivel wheel that allows you to unlock the front wheel for easy low speed strolling. You can use the stroller for casual jogging by locking the front wheel. The swivel wheel allows for easy maneuverability. You can use the stroller on both rough surfaces and smooth surfaces, such as dirt road, side walks and malls.

Remember that more expensive does not necessarily mean that a product is safer. Check out the components individually. You can check places like Consumer Reports on travel stroller safety for their test results on both the full systems and the individual components. You can also check out the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to find out if there are any reported safety related reports or recalls on these products. These organizations will also indicate if there is any issue with the car seat base. In general, there are several things you should make sure the system you are considering has.
I purchased this myself after using the full travel system a few times. I needed something smaller to go to and from the car and that didnt take up a lot of space. This attachmemt was perfect for what i needed it for. It was her primary transportation but now we use the full size for daily activities bc she needs more space. Awesome idea and highly recommended. 

It’s one of the most important pieces of equipment that you’ll buy for your baby. A properly installed one will protect her during a car accident. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all infants ride in a rear-facing car seat until they’re at least 2 years old or until they reach the highest weight or height that the manufacturer allows. There are three types of rear-facing seats:

This is the first travel system I have purchased for my 3 boys I wish I wouldn't have waited so long. the car seat is light weight and sturdy. I love the stroller especially because it uses a harness instead of just a waist strap. the stroller gets around very easy and has cup holder for mommy drinks (or daddy). I would recommend this to new mothers or experienced ones it is all around a good combo.
We got this stroller base about a few months ago, I thought it was perfect since we already had the car seat that was compatible... OMG the struggle to open and close it! Seriously wish I still had the receipt to return it only used 4-5 times. We don't even use it anymore because it takes us longer to open and close it than it does in the actual store -_- I give this a 3 star because it's good for the price and it's cute everything about it is good just that the problems I named above are VERY VERY frustrating
Newly upgraded in 2018, this stroller has more headroom per child and more sun coverage. Parents love the smooth ride and how easy it is to fold and transport. They found it fairly easy to fit through most doors and aisles. A zippered compartment on the back stores cell phones and keys and can be removed for extra air flow. A large storage basket holds big diaper bags and purses.
I really hated to spend the money for a travel system! It just did not make good sense to me. I was not sure exactly what type of stroller I wanted and decided to wait until after I had baby and then decide! Besides, there were irrestible sales on infant car seats too sweet to pass up! I purchased my infant car seat and got the one I wanted. Then found this little contraption! LOVE IT!